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Create an experience that feels thoughtfully designed, with great attention to detail, and aesthetic consideration. It should serve a specific purpose and be designed with the purpose in mind. Focus on simplicity and ease of use, helping users travel through the content in a way that aids comprehension and productivity. Avoid cluttering the interface with too many elements or options that can confuse the users.


Create a positive emotional connection that encourages user engagement and loyalty. Inject Salesloft’s personality into your designs through copywriting, imagery, and animations to create a unique and memorable experience. Excite our users with features and interactions that provide visual feedback and create joyful moments during their work.


Create an experience that is more intuitive, streamlined, inclusive, and meaningful to your users. Step outside your perspective and try to see the world through someone else's eyes. This includes deeply understanding our user and their time constraints, work environments, work styles, motivations, pain points, and needs. Products should be accessible and useful to as many people as possible, regardless of their abilities or limitations. Consider how your design can be more inclusive and accessible, and create a productive workspace for a wider range of users.


Create experiences that feel comfortable and help users achieve their goals and solve their problems in a way that builds trust and credibility. Use best practices and established design patterns to create a sense of consistency, reliability, and familiarity for the user so they can work more easily and quickly with our products. Leverage existing mental models to create an experience that is intuitive and easy to use.