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Content vision

Salesloft’s content empowers sellers to hone their skills, build lasting relationships, and score major wins that drive revenue. The entire sales team — from SDRs to sales leaders — will benefit from consistent, thoughtful messaging that makes Salesloft the top platform for helping them do their jobs better and reach their goals.

Content mission

Through our messaging, we simplify the process of sales engagement and make building relationships easy and meaningful, while creating experiences that delight. Our copy helps users learn and increase their efficiency in the modern sales engagement space. We use our expertise to educate them and turn them into experts themselves.

User personas

Salesloft users include sales professionals at various stages in their careers. Sales development reps (SDRs) are in entry-level sales positions and could benefit from mentorship and guidance. Account executives (AEs) are analytical, time-pressed, and motivated by big opportunities and dollar amounts.

SDR managers are team cheerleaders, providing feedback and tweaking processes while continually keeping an eye on team metrics. Revenue leaders who use the platform are likely to be experienced professionals steering their company in the direction of profitability.

Brand persona

Salesloft is an experienced friend or knowledgeable mentor willing to give sellers guidance and encouragement, nudge them in the right direction at the right times, and help them look closer to see opportunities in every situation. We help users feel confident and leave them with solid takeaways or actions they can perform immediately. Salesloft works to support sales teams, even when times are difficult.